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Artist Visa to work in the US (and the EU)

Here’s a bit of self-promotion that is long overdue: I’m happy to announce that in the fall I received my US “artist visa” (its proper name is far more fun to say: “alien with extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry”… “alien” is obviously the fun word here). With this visa I have been and will be able to work both in the US and the EU. I was lucky enough to take advantage of this during the past four months, as I DPed a TV Mini Series on the East coast and afterwards continued my work on “Return to Kellogg”, an animated feature, in LA.

I would like to thank the many people who helped me during the visa application process, especially Carolyn Gair, Steven J. Ross, Brad Rushing CSC, Gray Frederickson, Ross Otterman, Sarah Navratil, Pascal Yen-Pfister @pascalyenpfister, George Reasner, John Azpilicueta, Ma Xiao, Alex Salahi, Ara Thomas, David Appleby, Shawyon Fazel, Narmar Hanna and Catherine Ferrigno.

I greatly appreciate all of you!


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